Dennis’s unfortunate accident.
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  • Monday 12th – Sunday 1st February

    Posted on February 3rd, 2009 colin porter 2 comments

    Again I apologise for not updating the blog but a lot has been happening. I know a lot of you log on to see how things have been going and it is disappointing when you don’t find an update. However, I have also been looking at the page and there have only been a few new messages. I know lots of you read the page but don’t always leave a message, or sometimes you do and it’s lost before it’s posted! Colin has been meaning to ‘revamp’ the layout but it’s one of those things that are going to take a while, but like most of us, he has a lot of demands on his time. Back to messages, I do read them to Dennis and he does like to hear from you, it is lovely to see the look of gratitude on his face, they do him the world of good, so please keep them coming.

    The New Year started with me discussing my return to work. I have been so grateful for the time I have been able to spend with Dennis. It has been agreed that I will work two or three days and to use up my annual leave the rest of the week to be with Dennis. I just got this sorted when I returned from my first two days back at work only to find they had put Dennis on a four half day course on Independent Living and the next course is not until June. This covers all aspects of the different types of funding, how to utilise the care, where to find carers and talking to ex-patients that are eligible the service. I really felt it important to attend and had to go ‘cap in hand’ to my boss asking for additional annual leave and to change my working days. Dennis came with me to the first meeting, but half way through his BP got the better of him and he needed to return to his room and his bed. The second day was all about funding, mind boggling for the best of us, so he decided to go to his gym session instead. The next two sessions are next week. Typical as well, it had been arranged that a goal planning meeting be held before I return to work, this was cancelled at the last moment, and then rebooked for a day I was working. I was livid, luckily Colin was with Dennis so he stood in but still a lot of my concerns were not raised. They just seem to skirt over ‘un met goals’ but believe me I will be raising them at the next meeting in two weeks time. Also, what is ironic, Sunday night when I left Aylesbury to go to work the next day, an overnight fluid drip is suddenly given to Dennis, I had made it quite clear before I left that if when I returned he was dehydrated or had a urine infection, through lack of assistance to support him drinking, I would hold them responsible. It’s funny how it is suddenly authorised when it suits them!

    Before we left, Helen and I went looking for the ‘weighing platform’ that we had been told for weeks that Dennis would be taken too to check his weight loss. We found it in an unlocked Outpatients Department and weighed Dennis in his chair and then the chair on its own. We were shocked, when we calculated the difference. He has lost 7 stone since the accident. Gone is the ‘beer belly’ and a lot of muscle tone, he definitely doesn’t want to loose any more. He looked very gaunt at his low point after the Christmas break but has started to eat a bit better now and his face has filled out a bit and there is more colour in his cheeks which is good, I just hope the staff continue to encourage him whilst I am not there.

    I had hoped that by the time I returned to work, Dennis would have been a bit further down the road in his rehabilitation, but it is still amazing how far he has come. However, it is quite frustrating for me to see other patients come and move on from the ward, even go home, and we are still here! Nevertheless Dennis has done remarkably well. He is still hampered by his blood pressure lowering when he gets up in his wheelchair which makes him feel awful and stops him moving forward. He has been getting some tight feelings in his chest and difficulty breathing in. These have been investigated, his chest, lungs, blood gasses and everything else seems fine but they will be doing a 24 hour monitoring just to make sure. It seems the plague of the ward that patients suddenly experience heart problems and several have suffered minor heart attacks, we certainly don’t want him to experience one of these! He is also going to have bladder investigations as urine production has been a bit erratic. He has inherited a ‘doggy’ kidney so has been having annual checks at St. Georges but they have decided to do their own.

    After months of complaining of shoulder and neck pain Dennis had a CT scan on Friday. It has been mentioned that the cervical ‘metal work’ in his neck might be reviewed or even taken out! Not sure about that until the Consultant decides. Dennis’s thoracic spinal area is very lumpy where it was shattered when he was run over. We have been saying could pieces be floating about pressing on muscles and nerves and be a cause of the pain he is in. Our concerns have been ‘pooh poohed’ until know. I hope something will be sorted out for Dennis as what is worse than being in constant pain.

    The worst bit of news this month is that we have been told we are not eligible to receive any government funding, in the form of the Disabilities Facilities Grant – DFG to make the adaptations to enable Dennis to return home. There is a maximum allowance of £30.000 which would have just about paid for the extension we have been assessed as requiring to meet Dennis’s needs. Not that we like taking charity but it seems unfair that because I have been keeping Dennis’s business going, to enable him to pick up the pieces when he comes home, and going back to work myself, we have been told we have too much coming in to qualify. Even though I have given them a breakdown of the last six months accounts they do not take into consideration your out goings. Here we go, you try and pay your way and you are penalised. This is a great worry to me, although I am trying to stay positive for Dennis’s sake as he is always saying to me how worried he is about money and how are we are going to manage. We have of course been told to move and buy something more ‘user friendly‘ for Dennis but both he and I want him to come home to our present house. We feel it so important for him to pick up where he left off, I’m not saying it will be easy but how can he be told he will never return home. We have had plans drawn up for what we feel is an ideal solution and access can be achieved without too much disruption, it’s just getting the officials to agree and raise the funding! Time will tell.


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